Not cool, Picturehouse Cinema, not cool.

Many of you will remember my blog about Picturehouse Cinema’s and the poor choice they offer for families when it comes to tickets and/or membership.  This was sparked of initially by my wanting to attend their Studio Ghibli season with my daughter, but finding it very expensive.

Despite the staff member I was in contact with telling me she would let me know the outcomes of my suggestion I heard nothing back, so today I decided to enquire.  After several emails with a staff member who could give me very little information I was finally contact by their Head of Customer Services with the following email.


Of course, this wasn’t the response I had hoped for.  The most disappointing part of it is the “so we have gone with the norm” phrase, which negates the earlier reassurance that they understanding that family units are “ever evolving.”  Or rather that they understand but are mistakenly still using language which describes some families as normal, which implies others are abnormal.  My reply to them is below.

I wonder how many other companies stick to the two adults/two kids family ticket, just because everyone else does, and what do we really need to change the culture that there is a “normal family”?  I’m going to start writing to other companies and organisations around Edinburgh to find out who is willing to go the extra mile for parents and children, and embrace different families and who does not, as well as what the barriers for companies are.




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