No Meat March. Week 3, the limited edition

Last week was week three of No Meat March.  It was at this point that the novelty had worn off, and I was starting to bump up against the reality of vegetarianism.  The reality isn’t that bad, I’ve been enjoying cooking at home, my culinary horizons have been expanding – but it’s when it comes to eating out that having a different food requirement can become difficult.

People are now much more aware of differing moral choice and health limits around food.  Living in a city like Edinburgh there are places where those who’s dietary needs are out of the norm can eat.

I spent week three discovering that when eating out some places only have one vegetarian “option”.  Let’s be clear, one is not an option.  For there to be options you need to have more than one thing to chose from.  If there is only one vegetarian or vegan option, it’s not on option, its a limitation.


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