Not so No Meat March

wp-1457360695087.jpegI’m now one week into No Meat March, and my biggest confession to make is that I accidentally ate some meat.  Don’t let the vegetarian police know where I am!

I was in my workplace, The Melting Pot, which is a hot desking space.  They also host events, and sometimes if not all the tasty food at the event has been eaten, so members have some.

Not being used to being veggie and having to check everything I eat I eagerly dived in and selected myself a roast pepper and cheese sandwich. Once I had bitten in I could I taste the meat in my mouth, and looking at the offending sandwich and realised that there was  a sliver of salami in it.

And really, that’s been the worst thing about my first week of No Meat March.  Otherwise I’ve found it easy to make recipes that both myself and my daughter like.  I’ve felt good about myself because I know I’m putting food in my body which is good for me.  I’ve cooked for friends, I’ve eaten out and I’ve ordered in – all with a minimum of difficulty or fuss, and a maximum of taste and nutrition.

Compare it to the one day this week that I went without tea – the headaches, grumpiness, irritability – it’s really been a breeze.  I’m definitely looking forward to the rest  of the month and I’ll be blogging my favourite recipes towards the end.



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