No Meat March


As part of my food blogging I’ve decided to take part in No Meat March.

I’ve always had vegetarian friends and family members, and I will quite happily eat vegetarian food.  About five years ago when a partner turned vegetarian I gave it some serious thought and I came to the conclusion, I really like meat.  Really like it.  I can remember coming home for Christmas, and the deep sinking feeling of disappointment when my parents announced they had become vegetarian and we would be having nut roast on Christmas day.  The horror.

However since that point five years ago there have been things that have changed.  I’ve got to know people who are very much into animal rights.  They’re not the in your face, all about making you feel guilty type.  Their the type of people who just live out their lives in accordance with their beliefs.  When I’ve seen them discussing the issues online, most of the time I’ve though “Yeah, I agree with that”.  Until it got to the point where it was so obvious that I agree with the largest part of what was being said, I really needed to start asking myself if this is what I  believe why am I not living it in my life?

That’s not the only reason though.  There is more and more proof that they way we farm animals for consumption is damaging to the planet.  There is also plenty of evidence that shows you can have a good balanced diet as a vegetarian and improve your health.

That’s not to say I’m approaching this zealously, I have my doubts. My other two concerns are iron intake, which I have spent quite a bit of time researching and also making food my daughter will also enjoy (which to be honest is a year round day-in day-out concern anyway so not that big).

I don’t ever think I will become fully vegetarian – you can prize those tiny sausages wrapped in bacon from my cold dead jaw – but I could do with expanding my cooking repertoire, eating more fish and focusing on health.  Although I do have doubts and concerns I’m also looking forward to challenging myself and expanding my horizons, learning some new things, maybe getting to know myself better in the process, and seeing what happens when I open my mind.


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