Yes to… no.


A few years ago I discovered the Yes To range in the discount bin at Waitrose.  The Yes To Tomatos shower gel was reduced and I thought I’d give it a shot.  I was at first rather dubious as I wasn’t sure I wanted to smell like a tomato – however I found I loved the smell, not as much like pasta sauce as you’d assume.  I finished of the bottle pretty quickly.

I’m currently on the look out for a new moisturiser.  As I’m now quite close to 40 I need something that will not just deal with my combination acne prone skin with uneven tone, but also something that will help me age with enough grace to not panic about it.

As I’m a sucker for natural products and I loved the shower gel I searched through the Yes To range and decided to try the Yes To Grapefruit which promises a more even skin tone.  I also liked the fact that the moisturiser is cruelty free and,SLS and paraben free.  The website also says it is 98% natural.  I don’t put too much weight on boasts about skin products naturalness unless they are 100% – otherwise it’s just marketing spiel.  That last 2% could be made up of anything.  If you do want to check though the Cosmetic’s Database, is a good place to start.

The moisturiser definitely left my skin feeling moisturised.  However my main problem was that the fluid itself did not absorb easily, and left a chalky residue.  This meant that hours after moisturising finding fine white lines near my hairline or jaw, where I thought I had rubbed all the moisturiser in, but obviously hadn’t.

While Yes To Grapefruit didn’t do anything bad for my skin, at the same time it didn’t really do anything great.  After using a whole bottle I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin tone, my age spots are still as visible as they were and the acne scarring didn’t show any accelerated healing.  All in all a mediocre skin experience.



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