Review: Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse

With her Christmas money my daughter bought a copy of Goth Girl by Chris Riddel.  Goth Girl is Ada, the daughter of the famous Lord Goth who lives in Goth Hall.  She meets Ishmael, the ghost of a mouse, and realises something is wrong with Lord Goth’s indoor game keeper.  Ada and Ishmael investigate and take us on a journey in which we meet a host of whimsical servants and guests, many of them a humorous pastiche of historical or literary characters.  The profusion and detail of the characters belie the simple plot, and allow the adult reader as much fun as the child.

The story and characters are delightful the book itself is beautifully presented.  It’s purple, black and silver cover holds a wealth of excellently rendered illustrations.   All in all a delight to read.  However I am not the target audience for this book, so I decided to interview my daughter…

Me:  What made you chose Goth Girl?

Milla: Because it was suggested to me.

Me:  Who was it suggested by?

Milla:  A bookshop assistant.

Me:  Do you think that was a good suggestion?

Milla:  Yes.  A great one.

Me:  What is the best bit about Goth Girl?

Milla:  I had to write this in my book review at school homework.  Em, I said the same thing.  I said… it’s so good, I have to say all of it, all of it’s the best part.

Me:  Do you have a favourite character?

Milla:  Well, oh, this is a hard one.  It’s really hard.  They’re all so good, but I think my favourite character is Mal… No!  I think it is Mrs Beat’em.

Me:  Why?

Milla:  Because she’s big and scary and kind of funny.

Me:  Do you think anything could have been done better?

Milla:  My book review had the same exact questions!  But I answered, what could be better is…nothing.  Nothing could be better it’s the best book in the world!

Me:  Would you read other Goth Girl books?

Milla:  I’ve already read others.  And I’m just about to read the red one, the pink… the yellow one.

Me:  Who would you recommend this book too?

Milla:  I don’t know.  I’m tired.

Me:  What sort of person do you think would enjoy this book?

Milla:  Everyone.


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