Lush products, and random acts of kindness

My daughter and I really love Lush.  My daughter likes their playful and imaginative creations, and excellent customer service – she’s been shopping there since she was five.  I like the fact that unlike many beauty companies their ethical and body positive messages are not tacked on in response to a CSR policy or a focus group.  It was built into the fabric of the company from day one.  That’s authenticity.  Authenticity is a terribly attractive thing.

A few weeks ago I was feel physically low.  I’d had a stressful period at work, had to move home, had recently been on a course of antibiotics and unbeknown to me, was just about to come down with a dose of sinusitis.  Things that I can deal with on their own.  Stick them all in a two week period and it gets a bit much.

On my way home from work instead of waiting in the cold and dark for the bus I decided to pop into Lush on Edinburgh’s Princess St.  I spoke to the assistant and told her that I was looking for a product for a bit of pampering and relaxing because I’d been having a bad time.  She guided me through some products.  Cerdiwen’s Cauldron really caught my eye, but for some reason I can’t explain I didn’t get it.  I settled instead for the Floating Island bath melt and A French Kiss bubble bar.

Just as I’d paid for my purchases the assistant I originally spoke to came up to me, and gave me a bag containing a gift of Cerdiwen’s Cauldron – just because I’d said I’d been having a bad day.  It was like that moment in a friendship where you thought your friend was pretty cool and loved hanging out with them, then out of the blue they do or say something which makes you realise what an incredibly awesome person you’re lucky to be friends with.  Waiting at the bus stop to go home I certainly felt a little teary because of this unexpected act of kindness.

A French Kiss bubble bar

This bubble bar comes in a swirl of purple and white and is packed with French lavender and rosemary.  The bubbles were not as profuse as I expected, so if it’s frothiness you’re after another choice might be better for you. Rosemary is one of my favourite essential oils for its head clearing properties.  I’m a big believer in lavender for its relaxing qualities and it certainly did that.  Lavender however can be a little overpowering so I popped the bath melt in as well.

Floating Island

Now vanilla can be a slightly derogatory term in some circles, but in this bath melt it is heavenly.  You pop the melt in the bath and it slowly releases its oils and the warm and reassuring fragrance of fair trade vanilla.  A grown-up, and sophisticated way of relaxing in the bath.

Cerdiwen Cauldron

This was the main event for me and I was really excited to use it.  Cerdiwen is an enchantress of Welsh legend, who possessed the cauldron of poetic inspiration – could this be what I need to get my poetry writing kick started again?  She is also considered a goddess of rebirth and transformation, which is very much what I felt in need of.   It contains coco butter, oats, sandalwood and rose absolute – all products that sooth the skin.  To use it hang the muslin bag under the hot tap as it runs, and it melts into the water.  It was a great bath experience and it left my skin so well moisturised there was no need to use body lotions after.  What’s left in the bag is a kind of mulch that didn’t dissolve.  Instead of throwing it out I’ve been using it in the shower to get another hit of rebirth and renewal.

Cerdiwen’s Cauldron and Floating Island – big points for sophistication and luxury

A French Kiss Bubble Bar – Not all that

Staff and random acts of kindness – absolutely priceless



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