DIY Body Lotion

I’ve been feeling a little stressed recently, and my body has been dealing with a combination of reoccurring infections and strong antibiotics which is leaving it feeling unhappy.  I find one of the ways to effectively relieve stress is generally to be creative and make something.  My body also normally feels better if I show it a little love and attention.  So I decided to make some more of my home made body lotion.

The key to this body lotion is to get the solid to oil ration right which should be 75% to 25%.  I personally really like coco butter as my solid – it smells fantastic, and coco butter softens at body temperature.  Coconut oil also softens easily and the combination helps the lotion melt into the skin.  the coconut oil is also key to helping it whip up into a light mixture during the whisking stage.  I’ve tried this recipe several times with other oils, and coconut so far gives the lightest whip I’ve found.  I also added a bit of sweet almond oil to this mix, mainly because it was hanging around unused on my bathroom shelves, and a mix of my favourite essential oils.

The wildcard in today’s recipe was the addition of rosewater.  I hadn’t used this before but I basically love Turkish delight, so thought I’d give it a try.


7.5oz coco butter

2oz cconut oil (yes, I sometimes weight liquids on scales, it makes it easier).

0.5oz sweet almond oil

essential oils

100mls rosewater

You can view how each of the following stages should look in the slideshow above.

Step one

After measuring out the coco butter and oils I put them in my slow cooker on low and gently allow them to melt.  If you don’t have a slow cooker a home made bane marie can be made by placing a glass bowl on the top of a saucepan with gently simmering water in it.  Don’t let the bowl touch the water (I don’t know what happens if it does, but I’m assuming because you’re told it so often it’s the cooking equivalent of crossing the streams in Ghostbusters).  The important thing at this stage is to melt slowly, as a lot of heat will damage nutrients in your ingredients.  Once all the ingredients have melted together, place them in your fridge.

Step two

After about an hour the ingredients should have set solid.  This is time to start the whipping process.  If you are in a very cold country, or you have left your ingredients in the fridge too long you may need to warm them slightly by setting them on the ban marie again.  There is no need to melt them complete though, but you might need to whisk for longer to remove lumps and achieve a smooth texture.  I wouldn’t do this by hand.

Step three

At this point I add my essential oils.  You’ll know what’s best for you.  Whip it all up again.  the texture should be like whipped double cream.

Step four

I was less sure of this step as I hadn’t added rose water before.  The key here is to add it slowly.  About a capful at a time is enough, and make sure it is well combined before adding the next.

Step five

I treated myself to some kilner jars, and stuffed the body lotion in with a spatula.  I’d avoided these jars for a while as I’d assumed they would be expensive.  However getting them at the supermarket or somewhere like TX Maxx isn’t too bad.

And voi-la!  I now feel a bit more pampered, calmer and ever-so-slightly more blissful.


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