Lip scrub. Really?

I got the latest Lush lip scrub Santa Baby, as a present this Christmas.  It was a seasonal red, made from sugar, and had tiny, tiny little hearts in, almost as though it was designed to appeal to just me. Like every Lush product it smells amazing (of cola bottles), and unlike most of them this one is edible.  Really though the question I was left with after using it was, do we really need lip scrubs?

Our lips have some of the most delicate skin on our bodies.  The other delicate skin area is round the eyes – and I wouldn’t want to rub them all over with hard grainy sugar.  Our lips also don’t have any sebaceous glands, and therefore don’t produce oil and moisturise in the way other body areas do. Therefore when it is dry (i.e. winter and the radiators are on) the skin on your lips dries out.  So the flaking that many people experience is really to do with lack of moisture rather than large amounts of dry skin building up on your lips.  With the cycle of skins production and replacement taking 28 days it’s hard to imagine how in between daily eating, drinking, washing and anything else you might be doing with your lips, dead skin would have time to build up.

If your lips are like mine when they get chapped they also start getting sensitive.  Again, I just don’t really want to rub hard grainy sugar on any sensitive area.  If you’re really having problems with chapped, flaky lips then I’d recommend Lush’s Honey Trap lip balm and/or some aloe vera gel.  It’s far kinder.  If you still want to scrub your lips then using a wash cloth or old toothbrush will be much cheaper.

When it comes to the need for lip scrubs this one really has been a win for the marketing people.


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